Manila, Philippines – Anako Philippines Corporation proudly launches its exclusive, new range of products for its growing electrical category: the all-new SC Smarter Electrical Boxes. With its range of sizes, this new product line is perfect for keeping wire splices safe and dry—fit for different amounts of wires, fit for various needs and plans. The products under this range are also corrosion-resistant with the galvanized steel finish on each box.


What’s more, all of these electrical boxes are UL-listed, tested and verified for safety and quality.


Given these features, the SC Smarter UL-Listed Electrical Boxes are assured to be made for powerful connections.


This new range comes in the following types:

    Utility Boxes 

Perfect for exposed work applications, SC Smarter UL-Listed Utility Boxes are designed for convenience outlets, switch boxes or small junction boxes. These utility boxes also allow ease of access with built-in raised ground screws and are resistant against corrosion with their galvanized steel finish. 

    Junction Boxes 

The meeting and connecting spot for electrical wires, SC Smarter UL-Listed Junction Boxes are meant to house and protect any structure’s electrical connections. These junction boxes also allow ease of access with built-in raised ground screws and are corrosion-resistant with their galvanized steel finish.

   Square Boxes 

Best for projects that require additional interior space, SC Smarter UL-Listed Square Boxes are specially made to run multiple conductors in two or more directions. These square boxes come in two types (4x4” and 4-11/16”) and are also corrosion-resistant because of their galvanized steel finish.



SC Smarter Electrical Boxes UL-listed Covers are also available for each box.

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Hotline: 892 - ANAKO (26256)


SC Smarter Electrical Boxes are exclusive products of Anako Philippines Corporation

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