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About Us


Founded in 1995, Anako Philippines Corporation has been providing global construction products and systems for 28 years now. In these almost three decades, it has served countless contractors, consultants, and developers in various industries in the Philippines, ranging from residential, commercial, industrial, and healthcare to leisure and entertainment. 

To serve the entire nation, Anako has established several offices and warehouses across the country, firmly cementing its position as the leading provider of the best building solutions in the nation. 


We value your lives and properties.

Through our knowledge and expertise, we provide the best building solutions to our clients by distributing high-quality products and offering exceptional services in the construction industry.

With this common goal, we build strong and innovative leaders who can contribute to the progress of the industry and society, stemming from our care for community and country.


We work towards creating a more livable world.

We aim to achieve this by being a globally recognized top building solutions provider in the construction industry, leaving a legacy of quality and sustainability.