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About Us


Founded in 1995, ANAKO PHILIPPINES CORPORATION has been supplying and installing global construction and industrial products for more than 25 years now. In these two decades, it has served innumerable contractors, consultants, and developers in various industries in the Philippines, ranging from residential to commercial, industrial, healthcare, and even leisure and entertainment. 

Anako has also established several offices and warehouses across the country, cementing its position as the leading provider of the best building solutions in the nation. 


Anako Philippines Corporation is dedicated to becoming the most trusted supplier in the construction industry by providing the right solutions, highest quality products, and reliable services that would satisfy the needs of its partners and clients. We are committed to supporting our clients by sharing in-depth product learning, latest industry knowledge, and expertise.


Anako Philippines Corporation aspires to protect lives and provide safety by setting the standard as a leading and most trusted supplier in the construction industry in the Philippines.