Mission & Vision

Anako comes from the words which literally means "Anak ko" or "My Son". With these, the values of the company revolve to the nurturing instincts of a parent to his son and as a company to its business partners. ANAKO Philippines' products conform to International Standards to ensure the quality, reliability, and reputation of its products and brands. This makes the difference from buying alone and buying quality brands backed up by quality standards.



Act With Integrity & Credibility
To act with credibility, professionalism, and integrity among our clients, employees and to our society

Passion for Excellence
To be the best in every transaction, exceeding customer satisfaction and providing high quality of products and services

Customer - Focused
To serve clients beyond commitment



To set standard in leading high-quality
products and services

To earn lifetime customer loyalty

To supply at the shortest lead time and be able to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We will continuously expand its quality and product not only its name but also performance and value for money as well. Our warehouse maintaining sufficient stocks as we move forward to meet the demands of tomorrow.